December 26, 2011

Quilt Back FAIL

I have yet to master the art of knowing how much fabric to order. I generally err on the side of caution and get too much. This time I really thought I got the perfect amount. I was going to use off-white fabric as the main backing piece with a stripe of scraps from the front down the middle. So I don't even need the fabric to cover the whole back and I still don't have enough for that (I haven't even cut the selvage edges off yet).

As a side note, I do NOT pose Malie in these photos. She sees me lay something out and  just has to make herself the center of attention.

Malie even did some double checking for me and confirmed it's not enough fabric.  So I'll be ordering some more fabric to make some thick stripes that cross in the back to divide up the off-white fabric into 4 pieces. 

Until then, back in the 'in progress' box... if Malie will let me take it.

December 25, 2011

Christmas Dinner Success!

Growing up, my family always had Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. That way Mom could have Christmas day off to spend with us, rather than cooking.  The hubs and I still haven't really figured out our own traditions yet, so every year we just kind of go with the flow and see what happens. This year's dinner was a success. (sorry for the lower quality, these were all taken with a phone and posted on Facebook during the process... we were a bit bored, haha)

Turkey all herbed-up and starting to roast.  My first turkey!
Mixing in the seasonings for mac and cheese.
More mac and cheese - have I mentioned I love mac and cheese? :-)
Potatoes roasting - the hubby makes some awesome roasted potatoes
Yes, I cheated - those are Pillsbury Crescent Rolls...
Prepping the asparagus
MMmmm... dinner
Leftovers anyone? I think we'll be eating this for a while.

Today we are just relaxing and watching some Christmas movies. Currently on is Christmas Vacation.  Fun fact about this movie, we lived in Colorado when they were filming this. Our house was pretty far outside of town and my parents were stopped on their way to work so they could film the scene with the car under the semi, and I "got lost" in the Wal-Mart that they go through on the sled (and by "got lost", I mean, I ran away from my parents and would scream and run the other way whenever they came near - gotta love kids!).

Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2011

Christmas Dinner for 2

A few years ago I attempted to make a full on Thanksgiving dinner for just me and my husband.  I made a roast instead of a turkey as it seemed a bit less intimating and much less meat, and I made all the sides I used to have back home. It was very yummy... but so... much... food... We were eating leftovers forever.  After that, I vowed to never bake another full holiday dinner... queue this Christmas.

I have a few days off of work from the holidays and decided to make a nice dinner for just the 2 of us. I found the smallest turkey breast I could and started planning a menu - heavily based off of Pioneer Woman recipes :-)
  • Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast - except leaving the skin on. Really, who doesn't want some yummy skin!
  • Oven-Roasted Asparagus - this is one of the very few veggies Mr. Kiwi will eat. He even REQUESTED it!
  • Roasted Potatoes - this is the hubby's job (I promise this is the last 'roasted' item on the menu)
  • Macaroni & Cheese - OK, not exactly traditional, but this recipe is sooo good!
  • Steamed Rice - We always had rice and gravy growing up and it was my favorite. yuuummmmm
  • Homemade Rolls - recipe out of the Betty Crocker Cookbook 

So that's the plan anyway.  I'll be cooking up a storm on Christmas Eve :-)

October 09, 2011

Weekend of Organization

Lately I've had this huge urge to completely clean out the whole house (not that that's a bad urge to have), just have never had the time till this weekend. It was a great and very productive weekend, also our first weekend home and alone for 3 weeks. Kitchen was completely scrubbed and mopped. I even vacuumed the stairs! Note to self: need to invent a Roomba for stairs... I hate vacuuming stairs...

In my organization frenzy I also decided to make a few little storage buckets for some of my bathroom clutter. I found this tutorial. It was great and so easy to sew up! I made one on Friday night, then another on Saturday.

One is holding all of my perfume and the other holds my hair styling stuff

Also really cuts down on the clutter on the counter, which should make the hubby happy :-)

I also have a new addition to my sewing corner... a thread rack!!! I've been struggling to shut the lid on my sewing box for a bit and bought a thread rack from Michael's a month or so ago, and finally got it hung this weekend.

Then of course my OCD husband came along and put them in rows depending on their color, then from darkest to lightest in each color... gotta love him...

No more progress on the quilt yet.  I have all of the rest of fabric, just need to get it washed so I can start sewing the back, then finally get to the quilting part, haha :-)

September 20, 2011

Projects and Progress

Apparently I'm fairly terrible at this blogging thing, but I have lots of status updates on projects!

The big one... my quilt! I have the top finished, and I've purchased the fabric for the back and the batting, so just need to get cracking and finish it.

It's a bit busy, and my seams aren't lined up perfectly, but I still love it! 

All folded and up and back in the "in progress box" :-)

Now a few items that are done!!!

I've decided to get started on Christmas presents early this year (since one of my sisters didn't get her present till almost February).  I'm making a few make up bags for some of the ladies in my life, using this tutorial  from Noodlehead.

Here is an in progress one. All cut up and ready to start!

I've also recently made a new purse (also from Noodlehead). My first attempt at it went pretty good, but I wasn't completely happy with the type of fabric I used, or maybe my interfacing wasn't strong enough? Anyway, I loved the patterns though. Here is Malie helping me show it off.

I still loved the bag and pattern so much that I wanted to try again, using a more sturdy fabric for the main piece. Here is my "in progress" shot. It's done now, but I don't have a picture of it yet. I'll post one soon though!

This bag is a lot of fun to make and pretty easy to put together. For both bags I cut the fabric out and made the handles one night and put the rest of the bag together the next day. I'm sure it could be made faster, but I tend to do one step, then watch 30 minutes of Ice Road Truckers, then move onto the next step, so it takes a bit :-p

Until next time... here's Mals!

February 26, 2011

Quilt #2

First, here is a little shot of my sewing corner. It's in a add-on area right off of our master bedroom. I love my little corner :-)

Right now I'm working on a new quilt from a tutorial by Moda. It's called the Boxed In Quilt.  The original measurements are 50 inches by 50 inches, but I want to use it for the blanket on our guest bed so I'm making it to fit a queen size bed.  I'm adding an extra row of blocks across and down, and I'm adding an extra border around the edges. I am nervous though because in this quilt all the blocks and seams have to match up and right now I'm not sure if all my blocks are coming out to the same size... guess we'll see how it turns out.

Here are some blocks I've made so far.

And here is what I have left.... oh my...

January 30, 2011

My First Quilt

This weekend my husband was busy with Blogathon - 24 hours of sports coverage  (now he's sleeping). With my free time I decided to get some presents finished up. Based on how long it took me to make Christmas presents for 2010, I guess I should start presents for 2011 about now :-p

This weekend I finished up 2 handbags for my little sisters, and a finished my first quilt for my niece.  I'm not sure how the size will be, but hopefully it fits her toddler bed ok.

I promise I tried to get some pics without my cats, but they have a way of getting in the middle of everything.

Here's the back.

All folded up and ready to be mailed... now I just need to find a box.