October 09, 2011

Weekend of Organization

Lately I've had this huge urge to completely clean out the whole house (not that that's a bad urge to have), just have never had the time till this weekend. It was a great and very productive weekend, also our first weekend home and alone for 3 weeks. Kitchen was completely scrubbed and mopped. I even vacuumed the stairs! Note to self: need to invent a Roomba for stairs... I hate vacuuming stairs...

In my organization frenzy I also decided to make a few little storage buckets for some of my bathroom clutter. I found this tutorial. It was great and so easy to sew up! I made one on Friday night, then another on Saturday.

One is holding all of my perfume and the other holds my hair styling stuff

Also really cuts down on the clutter on the counter, which should make the hubby happy :-)

I also have a new addition to my sewing corner... a thread rack!!! I've been struggling to shut the lid on my sewing box for a bit and bought a thread rack from Michael's a month or so ago, and finally got it hung this weekend.

Then of course my OCD husband came along and put them in rows depending on their color, then from darkest to lightest in each color... gotta love him...

No more progress on the quilt yet.  I have all of the rest of fabric, just need to get it washed so I can start sewing the back, then finally get to the quilting part, haha :-)

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