December 25, 2011

Christmas Dinner Success!

Growing up, my family always had Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. That way Mom could have Christmas day off to spend with us, rather than cooking.  The hubs and I still haven't really figured out our own traditions yet, so every year we just kind of go with the flow and see what happens. This year's dinner was a success. (sorry for the lower quality, these were all taken with a phone and posted on Facebook during the process... we were a bit bored, haha)

Turkey all herbed-up and starting to roast.  My first turkey!
Mixing in the seasonings for mac and cheese.
More mac and cheese - have I mentioned I love mac and cheese? :-)
Potatoes roasting - the hubby makes some awesome roasted potatoes
Yes, I cheated - those are Pillsbury Crescent Rolls...
Prepping the asparagus
MMmmm... dinner
Leftovers anyone? I think we'll be eating this for a while.

Today we are just relaxing and watching some Christmas movies. Currently on is Christmas Vacation.  Fun fact about this movie, we lived in Colorado when they were filming this. Our house was pretty far outside of town and my parents were stopped on their way to work so they could film the scene with the car under the semi, and I "got lost" in the Wal-Mart that they go through on the sled (and by "got lost", I mean, I ran away from my parents and would scream and run the other way whenever they came near - gotta love kids!).

Merry Christmas!

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