September 20, 2011

Projects and Progress

Apparently I'm fairly terrible at this blogging thing, but I have lots of status updates on projects!

The big one... my quilt! I have the top finished, and I've purchased the fabric for the back and the batting, so just need to get cracking and finish it.

It's a bit busy, and my seams aren't lined up perfectly, but I still love it! 

All folded and up and back in the "in progress box" :-)

Now a few items that are done!!!

I've decided to get started on Christmas presents early this year (since one of my sisters didn't get her present till almost February).  I'm making a few make up bags for some of the ladies in my life, using this tutorial  from Noodlehead.

Here is an in progress one. All cut up and ready to start!

I've also recently made a new purse (also from Noodlehead). My first attempt at it went pretty good, but I wasn't completely happy with the type of fabric I used, or maybe my interfacing wasn't strong enough? Anyway, I loved the patterns though. Here is Malie helping me show it off.

I still loved the bag and pattern so much that I wanted to try again, using a more sturdy fabric for the main piece. Here is my "in progress" shot. It's done now, but I don't have a picture of it yet. I'll post one soon though!

This bag is a lot of fun to make and pretty easy to put together. For both bags I cut the fabric out and made the handles one night and put the rest of the bag together the next day. I'm sure it could be made faster, but I tend to do one step, then watch 30 minutes of Ice Road Truckers, then move onto the next step, so it takes a bit :-p

Until next time... here's Mals!