January 29, 2012

Blogathon to Craftathon

Every year during the 24 Hours of Daytona race, Mr. Kiwi and some of his other sports bloggers/friends do a Blogathon with 24 straight hours of blogging - including coverage of the race and any other sporting event that happens to be on during it.  This leaves me with a good bit of time on my hands for the weekend. So I had my own mini Craftathon.

So far it's been a pretty productive weekend. I've gotten one Convertible Clutch (by LBG Studio) made.  It's the first time I've made this pattern and I LOVE it. The bag is such a great size (I feel like a lot of clutches - or at least a lot I have seen - are too small to hold everything I need for an evening) and I love the versatility. I'll be using this one at my cousin's wedding next month in Florida.

I also made a few Kindle Fire sleeves that will be up in my shop soon. I got a Kindle Fire in December and immediately made a simple little sleeve for it. It's slightly padded for a little extra protection, and fits the Kindle nice a snug. No need for a flap or button.

This is the first one I made. I love the London Tube fabric. I'm hoarding more of it :-)

And apparently I have a thing for yellow linings, hehe.

Not part of my Craftathon is weekend, but I made up another 241 Tote from Noodlehead.  I really love this pattern. I made 2 for my sister and sister-in-law this past Christmas (of course, I neglected to take pics, but my SIL was sweet enough to send me a few), and this one is going up in my shop.

Christmas present for my SIL

There has also been a lot of this going on this weekend :-)

Hope you had a Craft-tacular weekend!

January 22, 2012

Great minds...

They say great minds think alike, which must be true - as my sister and I each got each other very similar presents for Christmas... bag making books! :-)

I got her The Bag Making Bible, and she got me Sew Serendipity Bags. I LOVE pattern books. I could spend all day cuddled up with my stash of bag and quilting books, drooling over the projects. So after a few days of drooling, I decided to make the Tulip Tote first. 

So this is the output of my New Years Eve - exciting, huh?

I did kind of cheat on the main fabric used. It's the same design as the one in the book, just a different color. I just loved they way it looked in the book, and I had the perfect amount of fabric sitting around from a bundle I had ordered. I just had to find some grommets. 

Putting in the grommets was somewhat nerve wrecking. I just spent all this time making this bag and now I have to cute huge holes in it!?!? On top of that, the reviews for the grommets I got were not very good. People said they constantly popped open or they couldn't even get them to close :-/

Thankfully, I had no issues at all. They snapped shut perfectly and I've been using this bag for the last several weeks with no issue at all.

So happy with the result. Lately I've been working on a few bags for my shop that will be opening soon! So stay tuned! :-)

January 13, 2012

Mr. Kiwi Crafts

I've been blessed with a husband that not only knows how to do all of that fixer upper stuff, but also enjoys doing it!  Our last house was an older home built in the 70s that had a lot of projects to be done, which kept Mr. Kiwi very busy.  Well, our new home is only about 10 years old so there's not much updating to do or many things to fix. Not to say we can't upgrade a few things :-)

Since we moved into our house I've been wanting to install and glass tile backsplash behind the stove. This is the best before picture I could find, and it's really of the orchid, but you can see the kitchen in the back ground.

Well, Mr. Kiwi got a bit bored earlier this week and 2 nights later...

Ta Daa!!!

I wish I would have taken some in progress pictures. The first night he mixed the cement and placed the tiles, then the second night he did the grout.

Oh yeah, and you gotta love Goofy! :-)

I also love the way out oil and vinegar bottles look against the new tile.

January 08, 2012

Quilts of 2012

I'm a bit late on the happy new year. After a nice quiet holiday season, things have gotten pretty crazy over the past week with way too much work.

I've got some big plans in mind for 2012, at least quilt-wise. I've got 5 new quilt projects in the works (so far) for the new year.

Quilt #1 - Finishing my quilt from last year totally counts as a quilt for 2012, right?  The rest of the fabric for the back came in, just need to wash it and get going on that.

Quilt #2 - The same pattern from quilt #1, but with some bright fun colors for my baby sister (though not really much of a baby, starting her 3rd year of college *tear*).

Quilt #3 - A friend is having her first baby (a boy!), due in June-ish. I came across the perfect fabric while wondering through Joann's and couldn't resist.  Pics to come later. Don't want to spoil the surprise.

Quilt #4 - Quilt-Along with my little sister!!! My sister and I bought similar bundles and are making the chatterbox quilt from Dare to be Square Quilting by Boo Davis.  I made a smaller version of this quilt for my little niece last year, but I'm excited to make a full blown one too, and to see my sisters :-)

Apparently this will be Malie's quilt.

Quilt #5 - A bought this bundle a few months ago. I knew I wanted to use all of the fabric on a new quilt, but didn't know what kind of quilt. Then I saw the post from Oh, Fransson! for the Sparkle Punch Quilt Along. There is no real timing or anything, so this should already be a greater success than my cowl knit-along... which is still sitting on my needles... :-/

I'm so excited to work on this quilt. This will be my first adventure into sewing angles.  Nervous, but I guess it's time to take that step.  I think I want to use a dark grey for the negative space between the stars. 

Let's go 2012, bring on the quilts!