January 22, 2012

Great minds...

They say great minds think alike, which must be true - as my sister and I each got each other very similar presents for Christmas... bag making books! :-)

I got her The Bag Making Bible, and she got me Sew Serendipity Bags. I LOVE pattern books. I could spend all day cuddled up with my stash of bag and quilting books, drooling over the projects. So after a few days of drooling, I decided to make the Tulip Tote first. 

So this is the output of my New Years Eve - exciting, huh?

I did kind of cheat on the main fabric used. It's the same design as the one in the book, just a different color. I just loved they way it looked in the book, and I had the perfect amount of fabric sitting around from a bundle I had ordered. I just had to find some grommets. 

Putting in the grommets was somewhat nerve wrecking. I just spent all this time making this bag and now I have to cute huge holes in it!?!? On top of that, the reviews for the grommets I got were not very good. People said they constantly popped open or they couldn't even get them to close :-/

Thankfully, I had no issues at all. They snapped shut perfectly and I've been using this bag for the last several weeks with no issue at all.

So happy with the result. Lately I've been working on a few bags for my shop that will be opening soon! So stay tuned! :-)

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