January 13, 2012

Mr. Kiwi Crafts

I've been blessed with a husband that not only knows how to do all of that fixer upper stuff, but also enjoys doing it!  Our last house was an older home built in the 70s that had a lot of projects to be done, which kept Mr. Kiwi very busy.  Well, our new home is only about 10 years old so there's not much updating to do or many things to fix. Not to say we can't upgrade a few things :-)

Since we moved into our house I've been wanting to install and glass tile backsplash behind the stove. This is the best before picture I could find, and it's really of the orchid, but you can see the kitchen in the back ground.

Well, Mr. Kiwi got a bit bored earlier this week and 2 nights later...

Ta Daa!!!

I wish I would have taken some in progress pictures. The first night he mixed the cement and placed the tiles, then the second night he did the grout.

Oh yeah, and you gotta love Goofy! :-)

I also love the way out oil and vinegar bottles look against the new tile.

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