January 08, 2012

Quilts of 2012

I'm a bit late on the happy new year. After a nice quiet holiday season, things have gotten pretty crazy over the past week with way too much work.

I've got some big plans in mind for 2012, at least quilt-wise. I've got 5 new quilt projects in the works (so far) for the new year.

Quilt #1 - Finishing my quilt from last year totally counts as a quilt for 2012, right?  The rest of the fabric for the back came in, just need to wash it and get going on that.

Quilt #2 - The same pattern from quilt #1, but with some bright fun colors for my baby sister (though not really much of a baby, starting her 3rd year of college *tear*).

Quilt #3 - A friend is having her first baby (a boy!), due in June-ish. I came across the perfect fabric while wondering through Joann's and couldn't resist.  Pics to come later. Don't want to spoil the surprise.

Quilt #4 - Quilt-Along with my little sister!!! My sister and I bought similar bundles and are making the chatterbox quilt from Dare to be Square Quilting by Boo Davis.  I made a smaller version of this quilt for my little niece last year, but I'm excited to make a full blown one too, and to see my sisters :-)

Apparently this will be Malie's quilt.

Quilt #5 - A bought this bundle a few months ago. I knew I wanted to use all of the fabric on a new quilt, but didn't know what kind of quilt. Then I saw the post from Oh, Fransson! for the Sparkle Punch Quilt Along. There is no real timing or anything, so this should already be a greater success than my cowl knit-along... which is still sitting on my needles... :-/

I'm so excited to work on this quilt. This will be my first adventure into sewing angles.  Nervous, but I guess it's time to take that step.  I think I want to use a dark grey for the negative space between the stars. 

Let's go 2012, bring on the quilts!

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