February 29, 2012

Where in the world?

I love maps... I am obsessed with maps... I have a college degree in geography. I found this bag on Pinterest a few weeks ago and splurged a bit and ordered it - I did check with the seller that it will be right side up :-)

From renklitasarimlar on Etsy

However, I can't stop there. I see this fabric all over Etsy.

From Sky Turtle on Etsy

From chezlele on Etsy

...but I cannot find it anywhere! :-(

I've probably spent hours searching the internet for this fabric and have not been able to find it. Somehow it just doesn't feel quite right to convo one of these lovely shops and ask where they bought it, so I will continue to search. One day this fabric will be mine...

February 28, 2012


Thought I would share my picture from today - I think I'll try to share one a week.

Today we have Dance Central 2 - or as I like to call it "this is working out right?"

With each routine you have a "freestyle" section where you just do what you want, then it plays it back to you in super speed.  I do not recommend doing dance central in a baggy T-shirt and sweat pants, or else you look like you have no shape at all. I swear my torso is not just a big box...

As far as crafting goes, I'm working on a quilt for one of my close friends that is having her first baby. She's due in June and the baby shower is not till May, but I'm avoiding finishing my queen size quilt because it scares me a little and wanted to switch to something smaller. Plus the fabric is so cute! I'll post pics once she has it :-)

February 13, 2012

365 Photos

I'm getting a bit of a late start, but I decided to do the 365 photo project. I'm taking a photo a day, every day, for the rest of the year. Of course this is a leap year, so it's really 366... but I'm late so it's really 326, if we want to be technical about it.

Anyway... thought I would share the pic from today.

We ordered our annual King Cakes to take into work, they just haven't made it there yet.  I think the kitties will be a little upset when they are gone.

February 12, 2012

New Laptop Accessories

I splurged a bit a few weeks ago... I got a MacBook Air.  BIG SPURLGE... but I love it!

I wanted to make a case for it to keep it protected, plus an excuse to make something else :-)

I thought the Amy Butler fabric would make a great laptop sleeve.  And yes, that is a huge bag of batting for a laptop sleeve, but I have a few other projects in the works that wil chop away at that.  

I found a great tutorial on Prudent Baby, for a "manly laptop sleeve", though mine is not so "manly", haha.

This was my first project using velcro. I'd say it went pretty well. Sewing it onto the body was a bit awkward, but really didn't want to risk putting it on before and then having it be in the wrong place.

However, the binding worried me... I don't live too close to a Joann's so I often start projects and just hope I have what I need to finish them - usually my downfall is thread. As I saw sewing the binding on, I just kept peering over at the thread and getting more and more nervous. It worked out ok, but just barely!

It holds my new laptop perfectly and I love it.

I also wanted to make a little bag to hold the cords and such.  I thought about making it to match, but when I found this tutorial, I couldn't help but make a little patchworky bag. 

I went through all my scraps and started cutting. I cheated a bit and used a few twice. 

I love seeing all my fun fabrics together in one item, and it reminds me of all the things I made with the fabrics before.

Holds all my chargers perfectly!

Great pair (even if they don't really match) and all travel ready with my new laptop.