February 28, 2012


Thought I would share my picture from today - I think I'll try to share one a week.

Today we have Dance Central 2 - or as I like to call it "this is working out right?"

With each routine you have a "freestyle" section where you just do what you want, then it plays it back to you in super speed.  I do not recommend doing dance central in a baggy T-shirt and sweat pants, or else you look like you have no shape at all. I swear my torso is not just a big box...

As far as crafting goes, I'm working on a quilt for one of my close friends that is having her first baby. She's due in June and the baby shower is not till May, but I'm avoiding finishing my queen size quilt because it scares me a little and wanted to switch to something smaller. Plus the fabric is so cute! I'll post pics once she has it :-)

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