February 29, 2012

Where in the world?

I love maps... I am obsessed with maps... I have a college degree in geography. I found this bag on Pinterest a few weeks ago and splurged a bit and ordered it - I did check with the seller that it will be right side up :-)

From renklitasarimlar on Etsy

However, I can't stop there. I see this fabric all over Etsy.

From Sky Turtle on Etsy

From chezlele on Etsy

...but I cannot find it anywhere! :-(

I've probably spent hours searching the internet for this fabric and have not been able to find it. Somehow it just doesn't feel quite right to convo one of these lovely shops and ask where they bought it, so I will continue to search. One day this fabric will be mine...


  1. I just stumbled over here from Pinterest... maybe the map fabric is custom from Spoonflower? Or maybe you already found it... :)

  2. I have not found it yet. I'll check out Spoonflower - great idea. thanks!!! :-)