March 11, 2012

New Closet

Every woman's dream... a large, beautiful, organized closet. We have a pretty big master closet, but by no means was it organized, which by default means it was not beautiful either, haha.  With the projects in the kitchen done (more on that on another post) we moved onto the closet last weekend.

First, our before picture. It is not this bad on a normal day - we had company coming over so I just shoved everything in the closet.  However, the overall set up was not great in general. There was one shelf that went around the whole closet, leaving a good bit of wasted space on top and bottom. Our old house in Louisiana had 2 shelves around the whole closet for some double decker organization action, so we figured we'd try that approach again.

We moved this shelf down to waist level and added another row across the top.  The cats had fun playing on the shelves.

I also got some cute boxes from Lowe's and Target to help organize the things I wanted to keep on the shelves.  I'm so happy with the end result! It's so much more organized and so much more space!!

My clothes are on top and Mr. Kiwi's are on the bottom. He's a tad more... particular... about the way his clothes are organized :-)

Left out the bottom shelf here to allow room for my dresses, and our dirty laundry bins.

Saving the best for last... you see that on the left? That is my wall of purses!!!  :-)

It was actually the hub's idea. I have hooks to hang up the bags I use the most and then a basket on the shelf to hold the rest (yes, I have a ton of bags...)

Now, I think we're finally done with projects for a while. Could use a bit of relaxation time, until the hubby gets bored again, hehe.