April 22, 2012

Mustache Fun!

I love the Envelope Clutch pattern from Noodlehead and have been looking for the perfect fabric to sew one up. When I came across the mustache fabric I knew it was meant to be!

This fabric makes me think of my baby sister (who is not so "baby" anymore!). So I whipped one up for her :-)

I love the bright fuchsia interior. Linings is one of my favorite part of the bags. I really try to choose fun fabrics to make the bags just a bit different :-)

This was my very first zipper pocket! I was a bit nervous, but the instructions from Anna were so clear it was super easy. I can't believe I've been avoiding them this whole time!

After I was done, I like it so much I made another for my shop, here.  Now just to make one for me :-)

Now I need to get back on a baby quilt for my friend. Baby shower is in 2 weeks!  

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