August 11, 2012

A Different Type of Crafting

Don't worry! I'm still around and have been super busy crafting... a different type of crafting... I'm making a person! We're expecting the newest addition to our family in December. :-)

The first trimester was a bit rough, but I'm finally getting my energy back and putting it towards some great new projects for the baby.

Ok, so this first one isn't REALLY for the baby, but it will be in the hospital with us so it kind of counts right?  I'm attempting to tackle the Amy Butler Weekender Bag for my hospital bag. If you've ever googled this bag, then you know there are lots of blog entries with tips on how to get through it. I've heard it's tough, but it just looks too cute to pass up!

I'll be making a few modifications to the pattern - as if trying to make the bag in the first place wasn't enough of a challenge :-p

  • Interior pockets - there are none in the pattern, which is pretty surprising. At the very least I'll be adding a big elastic pocket, divided into sections along one side of the bag.
  • Longer handles - I'm extending the handles a bit so the bad can be put over my shoulder.
  • Outside zipper pocket - this may make more sense once I get to it and have pictures, but I'm planning to add a zipper to the top of one of the outside slip pockets and turn one pocket into 2! I love to have zipper pockets on the outside of bags to store things securely and in easy reach - like boarding passes!

So far I've only gotten to cutting out the fabric - which is no small task. I divided this up into 2 sessions as leaning over my growing bump is becoming a bit difficult. I love the turquoise and grey combination!

Please excuse the wrinkledness...

Penelope also had a long day of fabric cutting.